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David Brooks

Sins of the Educated Class [Mobile] [Original article]

Mary Harrington

Let Men Be [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
The Unbearable Beta-ness of Internet Patriarchy [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
"Everything can stay the same, except what women do" [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Reactionary Feminism [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Incredible Shrinking Men [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
What the Manosphere and Liberal Feminism Share [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Why GenZ Pefers Dogs to Babies [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Why We Sacrifice Young Girls [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Jay Bhattacharya

American Pandemic “Samizdat” [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Nick Land

Rules [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
February [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
The Open Spiral [Mobile] [Original article]
‘Hyperstition: An Introduction’ [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
The Open Spiral [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Why We Need the Cannon Wars [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
The ‘F’ Word [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Derek Thompson

Why Americans Suddenly Stopped Hanging Out [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Click Here If You Want to Be Sad [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Why Are We Still Arguing About Masks? [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

John Michael Greer

A Primer of Magical Combat [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]


One or Many Chinas? [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Desiring Seduction [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Powers of Illusion [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Jean M. Twenge

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Young liberals used to be the most supportive of free speech. Now they’re the least. [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Kelly Ross

The Dark Side of the Tao [Mobile] [Original article]

Mats L. Winther

Hero Worship [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Critique of Feminism [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
The Psychodynamics of Terrorism [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Insights into the Race Issue [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
An Intrusion of Matriarchal Consciousness [Mobile/Printable] Original article]
The Boardgame Mandala [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Nathan Cofnas

Why We Need to Talk about the Right’s Stupidity Problem [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Nina Power

Why We Need the Patriarchy [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Socialism or Barbie-ism [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
the problem with pornography [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Alex Kaschuta

Exiting the Sex Wars [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Everyone is Checking Out [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Caitlin Flanagan

In Praise of Heroic Masculinity [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
America’s Fire Sale: Get Some Free Speech While You Can [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
You Really Need to Quit Twitter [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Jutin Murphy

Writers are Losers [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Video Game Syndrome [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Write to Yourself and Yourself Alone [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
A Child is Not the Most Important Thing [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Testosterone is declining because it's illegal [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Helen Dale

Meritocracy, Elite Overproduction, and a New Ruling Class [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Human Rights are Not Universal: They’re Peculiar, Parochial, and Western [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Australian Rules [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Feminizing Feminism [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Luke Smith

The Rectification of Names in Politics [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Hedonism, Asceticism and the Hermetic Answer [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Modern "Freedom" Means Being a Slave to Impulses [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Why Do I So Rarely Talk About Politics on my Channel? [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Why Its Bad to Have High GDP [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Emergent Acedemic Phenomena [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Conspiratorial Thinking and "Multiple Outs" [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Politics matters most to slaves. [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Libertarianism as a Gateway Drug to Reaction [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Michael Parrington

A Short History of Common Law [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Simon Cottee

What Progressive Extreamism Experts Get Wrong [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
The Arrogance of Fighting Extreamism [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Incels are The New Jihads [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
The Seductive Horror of Extreamist Violence [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Will Knowland

The Universal Acid of Liberalism [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
The Seven Deadly Sins [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Mencius Moldbug

Sam Altman is Not a Blithering Idiot [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
You Can Only Lose the Culture War [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Letter To a Young "White Supremacist" [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Three Questions For Richard Hanania [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]

Joshua Liu

The Direction of Time [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Words and Laws [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
On Stories and Will [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Christianity and Universality [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Critique of Wikipedia [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
News is Propaganda [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]
Domes and Spires [Mobile/Printable] [Original article]